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Coming soon will be a great new Sports talk radio show called The Breakdown. It will consist of 3 very bright sports minds. We have recorded the first episode and should be posted soon. This will be a weekly sports talk show. We will be covering all topics and no questions will be off limits. So keep a lookout for the great new show The Breakdown.


Today I am going to talk a little about Ozzie Guillen. So he makes a really bad remark about a person that is sometimes compared to Hitler in Castro of Cuba. The worst thing about his post he made it his own community in Miami. Now Ozzie has made some very strong remarks about people before. My take on this is Ozzie makes some crazy remarks when he needs to watch his words better but I don’t see that happening. Ozzie made a comment to Time magazine that he loves Castro and respects the retired Cuban leader for staying in power for so long. This came at a very bad time with him taking over being manager of the Marlins and them starting the season in a new Stadium. With them struggling with attendance in the past this will be a setback with them moving into the new Marlins Stadium. Hopefully Ozzie will stay low and make sure he uses his words more carefully.Until next time from SummittSportstalk.

Ozzie Apologizes for His Comments

I’m sorry please come back to the new staduim

Welcome to my first edition of of SummittSportstalk. With my first edition I am going to talk about the state of the NBA. I grew up a huge La Lakers fan with Magic and worthy during the showtime era. Those were the days when you loved watching the NBA. Back then they did not make the money like the stars of the NBA is making today. Every star did not leave one team to join a mega star team like the Heat or boston has done. They grew up in the organization and they had a team built around them.

They players today don’t even join in the huddle during the games. The money they make now is insane and out of all the sports they make the most. It feels like the Players don’t care about the fans as much as other league stars. Hopefully they get it straight and we can get back to that time of the NBA.